Heart Longing………..

Journeys in Healing


All a woman truly longs for in her heart is to feel true connection from the person she loves.

And from her soul she longs to feel safe; safe to be her true self which is both strong and vulnerable.

It takes a real man; strong in his self-confidence, open-minded in his beliefs andavailable with his heart to be her ONE.

a womans heart

I am not a man; so I can onlyponderthat a man also seeks such an honest heart-connection. Such authentic connection is so very rare in our world of fakeness and superficiality. I feel sad for the seekers of true deep love.

Perhaps for all of us we mustshed all preconceptions about what real strength is; where true beauty shines from; relearn how to speak honest words and find the place in us where contentment and appreciation reside.

Real strength is taking down the walls and boundaries and dropping from…

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