Feeling the world as an empath….

For the sensitive souls….. keep smiling you are doing just fine.

Journeys in Healing

Hang in there…..Smile


Being so sensitive in a world that feels so very heavy and dense can on some days feel terribly overwhelming. I struggle often to understand people and life; the hurt, the words that cut you, trust broken: it just doesn’t make sense….

I have been meaning to put together a blog on being sensitive and what this means and the strategies that I use to help keep me grounded and able to keep pushing myself out there and the time has just failed me. I will; I promise.

Every day people hit this more private blog of mine using the search tool ’empath’ and my heart feels sad that I have not written more. Once I have my new clinic up and running I will get a pen to paper and write… from the depths of my heart to yours.

For now I wanted to reach out and say…

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