Be an example of Peace

I don’t in any way feel qualified to write about Politics; however violence and war hurts my heart so much that I wanted to just express my emotions as I do and that is writing. Please do leave your comments…. keeping them as positive as you can given the topic.

Journeys in Healing

Weep for the World - artist Josephine Wall Weep for the World – artist Josephine Wall

There is so much injustice in the wars raging today and the innocent casualties resulting daily from the conflicts.

There is so little truth told to us watching from afar due to the manipulation of the media and hidden agendas.

We are agitated and angry at injustices, rattled beyond understanding about the innocent lives, the lies, the incessant pain inflicted from one culture on another. How can people justify the loss of life or trade any human life for a Belief or War or any form of Ethnic cleansing? No belief system in my understanding should condemn life…….. No desire to be RIGHT can be justified by death or suffering………

We want justice, we want to shine a light on those doing wrong and fix it.

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