Cabbage wraps kids


A few weeks ago I wrote about using Sushi Nori wraps to make wraps instead of using bread. To be honest I am in LOVE with these bad boys however they can get expensive as the Sushi Nori wraps are close to  6 a packet in the stores here.

Although a reliable friend tells me to buy these from the Chinese stores as they are less $$$$ I also wanted to let you in on the secret that is Cabbage Leaves.

Yes they may be slightly less cool and not the fancy pants in vogue wrap of the moment but they are cheap, healthy, and just as easy to use.

I suggest buying a good Irish darker green cabbage as the deeper the colour the greater the mineral-bomb content; especially from magnesium and also the colour pigment holds the antioxidants. So avoid the white cabbages when you can choose the darker in green varieties.

I suggest steaming your leaves lightly before use as a wrap as it makes it a little easier to tackle!

cabbage_leaves 1

Any filling goes, as suggested in my previous article on Sushi Nori wraps. I especially love filling these with casserole type fillings but you may need to thicken your filling slightly with for example potato flour or coconut flour so as to not have a sloppy mess.

However here is another recipe to keep you on your toes!

cabbage wraps 2





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