No Greater Force than Love…

What is the force that drives such astounding changes in consciousness of late? A feeling within of more? A desire for change?

Journeys in Healing


What is this force that is driving our planets people towards change?
What is this feeling within that tastes like the first bite of freedom before the revolution?
When EVERYTHING will change in our world as we know it.

This inner force feels as fragile as a butterflies wings and as mighty as a dragons fire.
A gift that is precious in the heart of love and devastating in the grips of egomaniacal and power-hungry hands.
You can sense both sides within…..


A reminder always of how human we are.

And then I remember the starving children
Women with no rights
Animals used as cosmetics testing disposables or killed alive to adorn a women in fur…

Abuse, rape and the suppression of human freedom
Children losing their childhood in a sweatshop
to clothe our incessant appetite for fashion….

I see the destruction of earth’s most precious resources
The rape of…

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