How do you want to live your life?

I am a massive fan of Bruce Lipton. His books and documentaries have taught me much and I HIGHLY recommend them.

These are wise words and why I feel my life is very much enriched by no longer watching the news on TV, or listening to the news on the radio as best I can (the news that you need to know will find you), reading celebrity magazines and especially those that are heavily weighted towards fad diet and criticising women’s figures, or paying heed to the whingers, moaners, begrudgers or pessimists in life (again as best I can – I have been known to play with their heads a little however!!). Enjoy. x

the biology of belief

Most people have the experience of sitting down with a newspaper and just popping it open. And before you actually read anything, something catches your attention. You don’t actually know exactly where it is in the newspaper you will find something you’re interested in, but you start looking until you find something. People don’t realize it, but when they pop open the newspaper, the subconscious is so fast; it has already read all the words on the page. When it came across words that were relevant to you, the subconscious told your conscious mind to pay attention…that something is in the newspaper for you. But the conscious mind is very slow. It thinks, “Oh, is something over here? Where is it?” How do we end up going where we are going? The answer is: what things in your mind are important to you? The function of the subconscious is to…

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