Seek and you shall Find…..

New one hot off the press and the most honest and open piece of work that I have written to date.

Journeys in Healing

the fone who follows the crowd einstein

I have been here in Reno, Nevada for exactly 58 days; the time has flown. I feel like I have grown as a person by 58 years; or maybe 58 hundred years. I have been up, I have been down, I have been inside out, and locked out. I have been right and I have been wrong and then I let it all go and I just was, am, and will be (as best I can).

Most of all I got lost and I allowed myself in that space between

to find myself

dandelion seeds Nature lets go naturally and all is just so…

We hang on to our beliefs so desperately… until one day we realise that our interpretation of an event has us fooled about its truth. Let it go; it may have protected you once, and then it became your story, and more often than not this leads to great pain…

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